Our Coaching service focuses on helping clients manage the energy in their business, mainly so that they and their employees can enjoy what they do. Areas typically addressed by our coaches include motivation, values, beliefs, purpose and culture.

We pay particular attention to factors that affect energy in a business: the phase of operation; the stage of the enterprise lifecycle; and the energy of the individuals in the business.

We offer two different coaching services: one for corporate executives and one for small business. While we apply the same principles in both cases, we tailor the services to the different needs of each group.

If you or your business have lost energy; if communication is breaking down; if people are unhappy; or if you simply want to make your business a more enjoyable place to be, you should talk to our Coaching service.

For Small Business

Our coaching for small business focuses on helping owners and managers get the energy right in their business. This helps them enjoy their work more and, when this happens, commercial performance usually improves.

Our coaching process involves a review of the business, during which we evaluate the energy of the company and the people in it. We look at where the business is in the enterprise lifecycle, and what phase of operation it’s in. We talk to the owners about what they want, and to the management and staff about their experiences. And, of course, we take a look at the commercial performance of the business.

We take all this away and come up with a Coaching Plan, the focus of which is to help the owners build the business they want. If the owners and managers accept the plan and are prepared to do what it takes to implement it, we help them to do just that.

For Executives

Our coaching for executives focuses on helping senior executives in large organisations perform at their best.

Our coaching process starts with a discussion with the executive, during which we identify their career goals and assess their current performance capabilities against what they’ll need to achieve their goals. In particular, we work to identify barriers to peak performance.

Because we work mainly with senior managers, we do relatlvely little skills traning (the executive is usually well skilled) and little consulting (the business systems are usually quite good). This coaching is all about energy.

We sit down with the executive and agree a Coaching Plan, the focus of which is to reduce barriers to, and enhance enablers of, high performance. If the executive accepts the plan and is prepared to do what it takes to implement it, we help them on the road to success.

How our coaching has helped others...

Build a nest-egg for retirement

The owner of this business approached us to help him build a retirement fund for himself and his wife. They had been in their industry all their lives and were rapidly approaching retirement age. With no assets other than the family home, they were entirely reliant on their business for their financial future...

Build a positive work environment

The owners of this business approached us to help improve the energy in their workplace. Their business had been going for more than 20 years and was very successful commercially. But the owners felt it had become stale and they were no longer enjoying it...

Build succession

The Sales and Marketing Director of this corporation asked us to help him with his career progression, while ensuring that his division would be well managed after his promotion. We started by helping him clarify what he wanted to do next and where he thought that might happen...

Do what I love

We worked with this senior executive as part of a programme coaching a whole division of this large FMCG company. The director of the division asked us to work with the manager as he had noticed a drop in performance and was becoming concerned...

Grow to sell internally

The Chairwoman of this business approached us to help her deliver an internal succession strategy. She had built the business from scratch, getting it to the stage of having three owners. She had always planned to sell the enterprise and preferred to sell it to people within the business, but three shareholders was not enough of a base for her to sell out...

Manage my energy

The owner of this company approached us as she was ready to give up on her business. She had been working hard for a number of years but felt as though she had made no progress at all. From a financial perspective she felt stuck: she had no assets to her name and was always having to juggle cashflow, feeling like she never had anything to spare...