Our Balance Program provides a framework to enrich work and life.

This Program brings together all of the elements of the McCann Consulting business and integrates them within a single framework.  It also brings together the four aspects of ourselves: Spirit, Heart, Body & Mind.

When we use the four aspects in harmony we have a full, rich life experience.  When we overuse or neglect any of the aspects, we have a limited, impoverished experience.

In a business environment Mind and Body provide the foundations of management: systems, process, structure, activity, discipline.  Heart and Spirit encompass the essential elements of leadership: vision, purpose, motivation, engagement, connection.

In a personal context, Mind and Body give us patterns and control.  They establish our sense of self and provide the platform for our daily lives.  Heart and Spirit give us creativity and discovery.  They enable us to express ourselves, connect with others and build our future.

When we use all four aspects we are able to integrate our experience to make fully-conscious, well-rounded decisions.  And when we do this, we give ourselves the best chance of realising our potential.